We always listen to our customers.

Is he more interested in quality or does the price decide what he is going to buy?

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Proven expertise

We have grown watermelons for 15 years. The year 2010 we expanded and started exporting the watermelons ourselves.

Today we export to countries such as, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria and we keep on expanding in other countries


When farmers grew, the fields always give very good product but also less good products.

When we sell/export our products we always care of our customer needs; is he more interested in quality or does the price decide what he is going to buy?

All farmers have both 1st and 2nd quality. The buyer decide what he wants to buy

Loading and shipping

We suggest that the loading of watermelons should be in bins/pallets in order to avoid watermelons to break. Moreover, it is easier for the buyer to unload the cargo. However the costumer decides how he wants the watermelons to be loaded and which shipping company to use. To some countries we can suggest forwarder.

We assemble the bins/pallets. One bin/pallet takes approximately 650-700 kilos watermelons.


Prochoma a village with approximately 1500 citizens and is located 35 km from Greece next biggest city named Thessaloniki. Prochoma has a distance of 55 km from Thessaloniki airport; it takes about 50 minutes to an hour to get from Thessalonikiļæ½s airport to Prochoma. We always invite our prospective costumers in order to get to know another and in order to assure them that we are growers and not only exporters.